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Key Features:  
- Search as easy as yahoo.
- Index search and full text search
- Security
- Share and Collaborate
- Access anywhere. Web access.
- Version control
- Integration with MS Office
- Integration with Outlook
- Paperless process & e-flows

- Scanner integration

Document Management and Workflow Systems

Improving the efficiency and productivity with Document Management Solutions and Workflow Systems becomes vital in the business.Information is critical to the business. Research stated that office people are spending 70% of their time on documents. Time to getting back with customers on required and accurate information is critical to win over the competitors.

Through our experience to support various customers, we have developed different modules of the Business Solutions to cater your specific business needs and requirements. We offer :

 Integrated Document Management System
 E-form and Workflow Management
 Universal Document Viewing and Annotation


Our solution is well integrated with MS office applications, Outlook, Email systems. Document viewing tool also enables viewing of all types of files in a centralized system ( Ms office files, CAD, 3D CAD, Raster files) without installing expensive desktop applications. It also support you with the ISO requirements.



Some of our Examples:

Finance and Accounting: Organizing statements, invoices, AR, AP

Shipping and Logistics: Instant retrieval of Delivery Note,AWB.

Education: Students records, teaching materials and approval process

Architectural: Document control over project documents & drawings  
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