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What is Perfect Page Technology...

Perfect Page Demo
Perfect Page Demo
Do you have lots of documents waiting to be scanned ...
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Purchases selected Kodak scanners
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Kodak High Speed Scanners can help!

Kodak & FastTrack

Time to simplify your scanning!

  • No More Storage Space for 7 Years Accounting Documents
  • Easy to Find documents with PDF, TIFF & JPEG, Searchable PDF etc.
  • High speed with Automated image adjustment.
  • Superior paper handling from standard to thin/small/NCR paper.
  • Free Bonus
  • Free ParkN Shop Coupons
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**Special Offer**


Kodak i2800

Kodak i2900

1 sided / 2 sided

2 sided

2 sided & flat bed

Page per minute

70 pages

60 pages

Images per minute (2 sided)

140 images

120 images

Special Price



ParknShop Coupons

HKD 100

HKD 200

Do you have a lot of documents waiting to be scanned?

Fast Track also provide low cost scanning services!.
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