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Time for a better solution?

why imaging
Imaging is not only  a cost saving on the storage space, it supports you to grow your business. 
Cost Saving on the expensive office space by converting paper documents to electronic format.
  1 four drawer file cabinet = approx. 10,000 pages = 1CD.  
  Saving on paper and re-printing lost documents.
More Competitive. Imaging enables instant sharing and transferring of scanned documents.  Many leading companies demand their suppliers to provide immediate document retrieval to Proof of Delivery and Order Details within hours. This is to accommodate the shortening supply chain cycle time.
Customer Relationship Management. Customer information such as application forms, claim forms, and signed payment receipts can be instantly retrieved. Especially beneficial to Insurance Companies, Hotels, Retailers, and other Services Industries striving for a strong customer relationship.
Improve Collection cycle time up to 50%, with instant access to Proof of Delivery, PO, and invoice details.
Disaster Recovery. Vital documentations are protected and safely stored on reliable CD and other back up devices.
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